As an aspiring filmmaker, my goal is to generate the best ever  paid or purposeful  paid and purposeful work opportunities for 1500 to 2000 artists.

Because one, I know how to get to heaven (link).

And because two, I feel compelled to write the films and shows listed on this page –

  1. The Legend Of Tesla Nandi
  2. High As A Rocket Ship
  3. Learning About America
  4. Robbery Drama At Indian Convenience Store Cambridge
  5. Ayyeki and Mr.Dronn
  6. Karma Dharma Classroom
  7. First Blood of the Revolution Was Spilled in Massachusetts
  8. China, India, America
  9. Am Sober AF
  10. Can you buy love in 14 cents?
  11. बूढा बूढ़ी अब क्या अमरीका घूमेंगे
  12. कम ख़र्चे वाली शादी
  13. काली कलूटी लड़की
  14. ముసలివాడు ముసలావిడ ఇప్పుడు ఏమి అమెరికా తిరుగుతారు
  15. The Family Connection App
  16. Matatu Business African Style


Because one, I know how to get to heaven

Here is the reason why I said that cheesy bit 🙈 above:

Thing is that when I am surrounded by artists who love the craft of acting, animation, cinematography, coloring, costume design, directing, film editing, makeup and hairstyling, music making, production design, set management, sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects, writing, or any other work that goes into making commercial films – I feel like I am in heaven.

And without having to had to die!


I look forward to being part of films and shows not listed on this page. So if I can be of any help, in any way, please do hit me up.

And as life goes on, there definitely will be new additions to the list on this page, while some stories will remain untold.