Working poster of the movie High As A Rocket Ship

We will ideally shoot American version of the movie HIGH AS A ROCKET SHIP from start of December 2020 to end of February 2021.

Early Plot

One rarely comes across a sibling rivalry as creative as that of Kevin and Lars Watterson. Both brothers – 13 year old Kevin, and 9 year old Lars – are (cute) unstoppable devil incarnates, who are always trying to outwit each other and get each other into trouble. The elder brother Kevin is addicted to Video Games and TikTok. The younger brother Lars is obsessed with rocket science and nerdy tech stuff. In the winter of 2018, right about when SpaceX is preparing to use their Falcon Heavy rocket, to launch an astronaut dummy called Starman and an electric Tesla car into Martian orbit, Lars and Kevin end up being swept into their most adventurous “battle” yet. Gianna Cole, Lars's elementary school classmate, outsmarts both the Watterson brothers in what follows.

Tone & Purpose

HIGH AS A ROCKET SHIP will be a kids and family movie.

We will make it as delightful and adventurous as the movie Home Alone, or the comic strip Calvin And Hobbes.

Our movie will touch upon contemporary innovations in rocket science, space exploration, 3D printing, robotics, augmented reality, etcetera. It will also show dangers of social media in a fun way.

Purpose of our movie HIGH AS A ROCKETSHIP is to throughly entertain and inspire today's kids, as well as their adult family members.

Daily Writing History

I used to be, and I still am, a compurter programmer and a software engineer. Drawing from that experience I find git indispensable to writing screenplay for multiple movies simultaneously. It is also the best tool for organizing vast amounts of scattered ideas and inspirations into a compelling start-to-end screenplay.

I use the below command to generate daily writing log that is specific to the HIGH AS A ROCKET SHIP movie.

cd ~/my-github-repos/writing-for-visual-forms/
git log --pretty='format:%ad ... %s (%h)%n|' --date=format:'%a %d-%b-%Y' -- high-as-a-rocketship

And here is the output:

Thu 28-May-2020 ... Adds story seed after 2 years of forming in the mind
Thu 28-May-2020 ... Writes down PLOT PARAGRAPH and TONE-n-PURPOSE of the movie
Fri 29-May-2020 ... Adds both Watterson brothers and Giana Cole to list of characters
Fri 29-May-2020 ... Plants seed for ((99-planes-cant-fly-to-star)) scene
Fri 29-May-2020 ... Plants seed for ((99-pH-pBed-test)) scene
Fri 29-May-2020 ... Starts process to pay homage to various awesome people and their work
Sat 30-May-2020 ... Adds Dad to the list of characters
Sun 31-May-2020 ... Plants seed for ((99-dad-look-flags)) scene
Sun 31-May-2020 ... Marks silly swearing like puke-smell snot-face butt-brains etcetera for inclusion
Tue 2-June-2020 ... Plants seed for the ((99-spot-the-genius)) scene
Wed 3-June-2020 ... Plants seed for the ((99-dont-make-money)) scene
Thu 4-June-2020 ... Merges Nico writing to ((99-pH-pBed-test)) scene
Sun 7-June-2020 ... Wrote points for narrating ((99-no-butt-shot)) scene to Nico via youtube video
Mon 8-June-2020 ... Added Elon the cat to list of characters
Mon 8-June-2020 ... Added mother and police officer to list of characters
Mon 8-June-2020 ... Screenplay for ((99-no-butt-shot)) scene till pickup truck wugg-zugg
Tue 9-June-2020 ... Plants seed for ((99-cardboard-capitalist-labyrinth)) scene
Wed 10-June-2020 ... Plants seed for the ((99-flying-bb-falconwings)) scene
Fri 12-June-2020 ... Marks need for first-kiss research
Sat 13-June-2020 ... Plants seed for ((99-go-low-high-speech)) scene
Sat 13-June-2020 ... Added school teacher to list of characters
Sat 13-June-2020 ... Added oldy old paunhy neighbor to list of characters
Sun 14-June-2020 ... Marks snow-games for visual inclusion
Mon 15-June-2020 ... Informs Saurabh and Anwar about writers room
Mon 15-June-2020 ... Marks fornite and fortnite song for inclusion
Mon 15-June-2020 ... Marks need for dress-up research