Hindu American Trump Tiktok Theory

Context And $5 Bets

I have entered into multiple $5 bets, with multiple friends, that the following 3 theories will come true — the ones that I am together as a set calling the “Hindu American Trump Tiktok Theory”.

Each theory requires me to finish a creative project.

My friends are very confident, that with that* requirement in place, none of these theories will even remotely come true.

Because the last 500+ creative projects that I started with great excitement, were apparently never finished.

So what?

The proverb “Rome was not inaugurated in a day”, or whatever, took some time too. According to wikipedia it actually took about 400 years for that thing to even became a proverb. It started as a French phrase in 1100's and then became an actual English proverb in 1500's.

And if you also count the years, that it took for the proverb to actually reach me, then that would be even longer.

But honestly though I do worry about what is wrong with me.

I don't know if it is ADHD; or if it's just plain choking; or if the gods convened some meeting at their cosmos council, passed a special resolution, and decided to have a little extra fun with me — by not letting me finish creative project number # A before inspiring me with the creative project number # B.


But I am sure a cosmos council exists. Or not. Who knows.

One hypothesis is that I lack self discipline. And if I train hard enough, and develop it over time, then all the creative projects will start finishing themselves.

Or maybe X% of the creative projects will be at least Y% finished.

But how does one develop that self discipline muscle?

Thanks to China, I cannot go to a real gym, or hold a real job right now. Those things apparently help people build their self discipline muscle.

Am not saying that sarcastically … ☝ ☝ ☝

… oh dear God no!

I really am so so so very thankful to China, that they gifted us this magic global pandemic and made the entire world close all the gyms and jobs.

Hate both those things!

Why do you think I was juggling 500+ creative projects in the first place?!




So here I am, trying to develop my self discipline muscle—called SD muscle for short, so that I don't have to type a goddamn two word muscle name everytime—and the way I propose to develop muscle SD is by articulating three theories, related to the 2020 US Elections and Hindu Dharma, and commiting myself to working on one open source creative project connected to each theory.

My theories can be wrong, entirely wrong, and not come true.

Or my rationale behind these theories could be correct, and they might still not come true. In either of those cases, I will be sad to lose multiple $5's but I will hopefully have learned a few things.

Friedrich Nietzsche had afterall very wisely said —

“A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions. As attempts to find out something."

“Success and failure are for him answers above all.”

But Mr. knee-cha's friends probably didn't find their greatest joy in snatching away every $5 bill he had.

Mine do.

And so I pray to you 🙏 to please help me. Please.

Here goes —

Theory 1

America is exceptionally aweseome. She is fiercely free, artsy, and innovative. She has the might to defend her freedom. And true love in her heart to seek friendship with all.

Adorned of those values she attracts the best in the world to her beautiful lands.

She appreciates them all—republicans, democrats, independents, nonpoliticals, artists, entrepreneurs, lying comedians—everyone.

Because they all make America awesomer. And they all check each other's blindspots and excesses.

Hasan Minaj and Kamala Devi Harris however say all kinds of bad things about America, because honestly—it doesn't matter how good or true something is—there are always people who will always bitch about things.

But good and true you should still be.

Open Source Movie Project connected to Theory 1

I commit myself to finishing the open source movie

The Legend Of Tesla Nandi

(( TODO add link here ))

Open Source TV Show connected to Theory 1

I commit myself to finishing the open source TV show

Learning About America

(( TODO add link here ))

Theory 2

Comedian Hasan Minaj cheated his craft, misused his art platform, and willfully lied on his Netflix show — claiming Narendra Modi and Donald Trump are similar, and they use twitter the same way, and various other shit.

Modi and Trump are as different as Fred Astaire and Austin Powers, in their rigor of dance — or Bill Gates and Hugh Hefner, in their social impact — or Adele and Cardi B in their song writing — and so on.

Being an honest comedian that Hasan is, he will be happy to correct himself, if someone where to share the truth with him.

Maybe someone who likes all of the people mentioned above.

Open Source YouTube Project connected to Theory 2

I commit myself to finishing the open source youtube video

Modi and Trump: 101 Differences

(( TODO add link here ))

Theory 3

Poor language, twitter trolling skills, and the turning on a dime of today's Trump — are things that are as uninspiring as the transparency record, reciprocity, and trustworthiness of the source nation of coronavirus.

On the other hand, we have career politician Joe Biden and lying lawyer Kamala Devi Harris. They are for sure more articulate, sly, and suave than Donald Trump — but they support the uninspiring worldview of Pakistan and China.

These two truths together, create a difficult conundrum*, as to how a free thinking citizen should vote during the US elections of year 2020.

Young Hindu Americans can resolve this dharmasankat* by leaning on the principle of balance that is the core of Hindu Dharma.

Young Hindu Americans should swing to the Republican side because all things are considered, today's Republican side has better solutions for resurrecting America from the immense global pandemic she has suffered. And leaders like Elon Musk, Dan Crenshaw, Kayleigh McEnany, Madison Cawthorn and Ben Shapiro and many more, can help 2nd term president Trump be better than 1st term presdient Trump.

Open Source Book Project connected to Theory 3

I commit myself to finishing the open source book

Self Help, Hindu Dharma, and Movie Memes

(( TODO add link here ))

Awesomeness and Shortcomings of Hindu Americans

My first intent is to encourage young Hindu Americans to start calling themselves, well, Hindu Americans.

It is important to do so because —

  • A Sikh in America calls herself a Sikh American.

  • A Muslim in America calls herself an American Muslim.

  • A Jew in America calls herself a Jewish American.

  • A Black person in America calls herself an African American, or just Black, and the community has reclaimed the word Nigga as well.

  • A White person in America calls herself, well just an American, because America afterall is a white anglo-saxon Christian nation.

But a Hindu in America calls herself a what? — a South Asian.

I mean, wtf!

You literally inherit the most complex knowledge body on our planet, a knowledge body so broad and deep, that its enormity is its own biggest challenge. On top of that you come from an ancestry steeped in art, every imaginable form of it. Art that is insanely diverse, and layered and rich, and mathematically complex. Art that celebrates every human emotion good and bad, and loves to perpetually marry the old with the new. On top of that, you are citizens of the awesomest of all democracies. One that articulates the best of human pursuits, and constantly works to live up to it. And with all of that you call yourself a what? — a South Asian???

Hundred cute cats just died.


Wake the F up!

= = =

My second intent is that young Hindu Americans refuse to be confined and chained to just being lawyers, doctors, software engineers, and scientists — and they freely pursue art and entrepreneurship.

Pursuits that the Republican Party of 2020 rocks at! And things that the Democrat Party parents of young Hindu Americans don't want them to be.

I want to see Hindu Americans kicking it as — authors, actors, rap artists, comic book creators, animators, radio hosts, porn stars, video gamers, twitch streamers, film makers, youtubers, tiktokers, yoga instructors, drag queens, board game inventors, sports persons, writers, photographers, skate boarders, tatoo artists, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

To not just be intrapreneurs* who rose through the ranks. Like a Satya Nadella of Microsoft, a Sundar Pichai of Google, an Anjali Sud of Vimeo, an Arvind Krishna of IBM, or Shantanu Narayen of Adobe. Who are all very awesome and inspiring.

But be founding entrepreneurs* too.

Like a Naval Ravikant of AngelList, or Niraj Shah of Wayfair, or Prashanth Palakurthi of Reflexis, or a Mangesh Chinthamaneni of Samudhra, and so many more.

Whatever you do — just please don't be like lying lawyer Kamala Devi Harris or the lying comedian Hasan Minaj — be better.