Hindu American Trump Tiktok Theory

Context of $5 Bets

As I do often with sports, and elections, and other things, I have entered into multiple $5 bets, with multiple friends.

This time my $5 bets are about the following 5 theories coming true, the ones that together I call — the “Hindu American Trump Tiktok Theory”

Each theory requires me to finish* a creative project. Not just start them, but finish them.

With that* requirement in place, my friends are confident none of these theories will ever come true.

Because apparently, the last five hundred or thousand creative projects that I started with great excitement, I never finished them they say.

So what?

The proverb “Rome was not inaugurated in one evening” took some time too. If you go by wikipedia, it actually took about 400 years for that saying to even became a proverb. It started as a French phrase sometime in the 1100's. Just for reference, they didn't even have a single Wise Quotes app on iPhones back then. Much later, the saying became an actual English proverb sometime in the 1500's.

And if you also count the years that it took for the proverb to reach me, then that would be even longer than 400 years, because I was born in the millenial generation times.

Kidding aside, I do worry about what is wrong with me.

I don't know if it is ADHD; or if it's just plain choking; or if the gods convened some meeting at their cosmos council, passed a special resolution, and decided to have a little extra fun with me — Before this young handsome boy can finish creative project #A, let us inspire him with this amazing creative project #B.

Idk, maybe the handsome boy part is my own little imagination.

But I am sure a cosmos council exists.

Or not. Who knows.

= = =

One hypothesis is that I lack self discipline. And if I train hard enough, and develop it over time, then all the creative projects that I start will start finishing themselves!

Or X% of the creative projects will get at least Y% finished.

But how does one develop that self discipline muscle?

Thanks to China, I cannot go to a real gym, or hold a real job right now. Those are the kind of things that apparently help people build their self discipline muscle.

Am not saying that sarcastically ☝ ☝ ☝

… oh dear God no!

I really am so so so very thankful to China, that they gifted us all this magic global pandemic and made the entire world close all the gyms and jobs. Yes!!!

Hate both those things!

Why do you think I was juggling 500+ creative projects in the first place?!




So here I am, trying to develop my self discipline muscle—which btw is called SD muscle for short, so that I don't have to type a goddamn two word muscle name everytime—and the way I propose to develop muscle SD is by articulating five theories related to the 2020 U.S. Elections and Hindu Dharma, and commiting myself to working on one open source creative project connected to each theory.

My theories can be wrong, entirely wrong, and not come true. Or my rationale behind these theories could be correct, and they might still not come true. In either of those cases, I will be sad to lose multiple $5 bets, but I will hopefully have learned a few things, and that is really valuable to me.

Friedrich Nietzsche had afterall very wisely said —

“A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions. As attempts to find out something."

“Success and failure are for him answers above all.”

Mr. knee-cha's friends probably didn't find their greatest joy in snatching away every $5 bill he had.

Mine do.

And so I pray to you 🙏 to please help me. Please.

Help me articualte my theories and thoughts, help me improve them if I am not doing the right thing, and help me start finishing some of my creative projects.

Here goes —

Backstory, Purpose, Intent

Oh wait, before I tell you the 5 theories, allow me to share with you a little bit of the backstory, purpose, and intent. It if one of my life mantras to put my purpose and intent down into words, for as many creative projects as I can. That way people around me can know if I am doing the right thing or not, and when I get excited about way too many ideas, and start going astray, I hope friends and family are able to guide me back to some discipline.

So —

The thing is —

I love Hasan Minaj as a political comedian, but it was in a moment when I was not able to love him, that this project was born.

It was this specific instance when I saw Hasan wilfully lie, about Modi ji and Mr Trump being similar, and about a dozen other things, whilst abusing his art and his stage.

This particular lie made me decide that, just a couple of months before the American elections of year 2020, I should create a standup comedy video, where I can demonstrate to the American audience how Hasan had lied to them, right before the Indian elections of year 2019.

So I started creating this standup comedy video, titled — MODI JI, MR TRUMP, 101 DIFFERENCES: AND A LOVE LETTER TO DEMOCRACY

But as I was working on the project, thanks to my late grandfather, a new and a very different purpose emerged.

= = =

When I was a kid and my bapuji (grandfather) was still around, he kind of taught me an interesting lesson about truth. It was in the form of a long folk tale. Maybe I will share the complete plot another time, as a youtube video perhaps, but the lesson of that story was — “Even if you repeat a lie a million times, even if everybody starts believing the lie, the truth still remains true”.

The story was about a man, who lied to everybody in the village, about all the various animals. He would tell everyone he met, how eagles ate wheat, lions ate grass, parrots ate young kids, and so on. For every lie the had some made up reason or the other. “How else would a lion have such hairy mane if he did not eat grass?!"

But then one day a young kid went out exploring. He met all the animals that the man used to talk about, and saw the truth for himself.

Eagles eat rabbits and fish.

Lions eat gazelle and buffaloes.

Parrots eat mangoes and nuts.

Moral of the story was, it doesn't matter if someone lies to you a million times, or lies about you a million times, the truth still remains true. What we should do with our lives is go out and explore.

= = =

When I began making a serious comedy video, as a rebuttal of Hasan's specific lie, I started meeting new people, and was able to see interesting new truths for myself — How most young Hindu Americans had very little idea of the rich art, knowledge body, and entrepreneurialism of Hindu Dharma. How the ABCD's (American Born Confused Desi's) did not know that Hindu Dharma's primary focus is developing methods for observing, celebrating, and balancing* all human emotions inside us. How they did not know that approximately only 25% of Yoga was about body postures, and only 5% of Kamasutra was about sexual positions. How the Gen-Z did not know anything at all about Karma Yoga, Dharma, and the philosophical side of Kama Sutra. How they did not realize the awesomeness of being trilingual, quadralingual, or bahubahshi. How they were not both assimilating and* integrating, their lineage of kickass art and philosophy, with their lived experience of American exceptionalism, enterprise, and enduring values.

I also saw — How how the American two party system seems divided, and extremely tense, or even traumatic at times. But if you travel around the world, and observe various societal systems, you will love the very same American two party system that so many decry. I saw how it was one of the best systems for true realization of freedom, democracy, and “E pluribus unum”. A two party system is a stressful and non-nuanced for sure, but it invites participation, free thinking, and solutions in a very unique universal manner. And even if one cares about reducing the extreme bi-partisan divide and mistrust, we must participate and work on solutions for that too.

And of course it is possible to check and balance each other's blindspots with 200% love and 0% hate.

In Hindi they say, “लोकतंत्र में मतभेद * होना चाहिए। मतभेद पर खुले दिमाग़ से चर्चा और डिबेट होनी चाहिए। पक्ष और प्रतिपक्ष के बीच में प्रतिस्पर्धा होनी चाहिए। पर एक दूसरे से कभी भी मनभेद * नहीं होना चाहिए।"

Please do not read the google translation of that thought. I just did, and the translation does not do justice to the mood and meaning of the thought at all. A better non-AI human translaiton is, “In a democracy our views should be different. On those views there should be dialog and debate with a free and open mind. There should be healthy competition between one side and the the other side. But there should never be rift in our hearts for each other (that is, we should have love for the other side)."

PS: Note how the Sanskrit words for party A and party B, are not my party and the opposition party, but “paksh”, that is one side of the view, and “pratipaksh”, the other side of the view.

= = =

So what started a project to make a single serious comedy video, as a rebuttal of specific Hasan Minaj lies, acquired a new and completely different purpose.

My goal now is to —

(1) Articulate the awesomeness and shortcomings of Hindu Americans.

(2) Make an honest case to young Hindu Americans, for them to go from being 97% Dem to at least 60% Republican.

And my purpose is,

To work for “E pluribus unum”.

To both assimilate and integrate — to marry — the minority culture, art, knowledge body, philosophies, languages, and thoughts of Hindu Americans — with the larger USA family, that is its own civilization in the making, is fiercely free, artsy, entrepreneurial, rambunctious, and the best of democracies.

Theory 1

You can always tell if someone is blind bitching or has legitimate feedback.

Open Source Movie 🎥

Connected to the third theory, we as a team will finish making an open source movie, titled:


(( TODO add link here ))

Theory 2

Elections shouldn't just be about what is wrong with who, they should also be a celebration of Democracy, and a time for citizens to learn about* each other, and learn from* each other.

Open Source TV Show 📺

Connected to the fourth theory, I commit myself to finish making an open source TV show, titled:


(( TODO add link here ))

Theory 3

Comedian Hasan knows he lied about Modi ji and Mr Trump being similar.

Open Source YouTube 📱

Connected to the second theory, I commit myself to finish creating an open source youtube video, titled:


(( TODO add link here ))

Theory 4

Young Hindu Americans will go from being 97% Dems to atleast 60% Republicans in the 2020 U.S. elections.

Open Source Book 📚

Connected to the first theory, I commit myself to finish creating an open source Gen-Z book, titled:


(( TODO add link here ))

Theory 5

Trump will be re-elected with more votes than the last time but the Republican party will lose.

Open Source Podcast 🎧

Connected to the fifth theory, I commit myself to finish making an open podcast, titled: