“An open mind, a romantic heart, and some simple and audacious surprises”

= = =

A wordless thought came to me once, during the most tragic and vulnerable period of my life, and it saved me from killing myself twice.

Allow me to share the details of it some other time.

Relevant part for the “about me” page is — that after many years of healing and accepting my complexities, the essence of that wordless thought has now become my truest identity in all contexts, my SwaDharma, and my topmost identity in all contexts, my Semper Supra.

I am first and foremost and always — an open mind, a romantic heart, and some simple and audacious surprises.

Sumeet healing with music

= = =


My name is Sumeet.

Sumeet in Sanskrit means a good friend, but the truth is, I am actually a horrible friend, and I never reply to text messages on time 😝 🙈

In my defense though, I love having long verbal conversations with friends, and I love to cook food for them, so I am not entirely a bad guy.

But my dyslexia and severe ADHD make it a little bit of a challenge for me to write well. Or fast. Or in good sentences. So I have this beautiful hate-hate relationship with texting and writing.

As a reader however I absolutley love things that are well written. It could be a short text message, the entire Mahābhārata, or anything in between.

= = =

Like every other being, I hold hundreds of different identities in hundreds of different contexts.

Our identities, whether they are self chosen or not, they enslave us to some degree, while at the same time they deeply enrich us as well.

Personally I tend to like identities that are steeped in ideas, because they allow me more learning and enrichment, and the extent of their enslavement is low.

For now, here is a list of twenty or so identities that describe me reasonably well. They are all a part of me. And I am one heck of a part of them.

My identities by virtue of Languages

  • Hindi Bhashi

  • English Speaker

  • Telugu Bhashi

  • Marwadi

  • Bangla Bhashi (receding)

  • Odia Bhashi (receding)

  • (wishful) Swahili Speaker

  • (wishful) Nepali Speaker

  • (wishful) Spanish Speaker

My identities by virtue of Thought Models

  • Hindu American

  • Karma Yogi

  • Dhyāna Dheer

My identities by virtue of Work and Craft

  • Entrepreneur

  • Coder

  • Software Engineer

  • (early stage) Screenwriter

  • (early stage) Writer

  • Video Editor

  • Poet

  • (soon to be) Film Director

My identities by virtue of Countries

  • Bharatiya

  • (emmigrant) Indian

  • (immigrant) American

  • (wishful) Kenyan

My identities by virtue of Dharma

  • SwaDharmi

  • Sanātanī

  • Hindu

  • Christian

My identities by virtue of Goofy Love

  • (heavy) YouTuber

  • (secret) TikToker

  • (ex) Undefeated Fifa Champion

  • (nostalgic) Ressurected Gamer

  • (impromptu) Singer

  • (kinda useless) Twitterer

  • (definitely useless) Facebooker

= = =

I was born in India, where I grew up across 8 different states, studied across 10 different schools, and picked up 6 different languages over the first 28 years of my life.

Early naked photo of Sumeet

I was born a millenial, but I am a GenZ at heart, and a GenZ by every measure really. Except of course my year of birth, lol.

See, I just LOL-ed.


= = =

There are times when I go through phases of deep contempaltion, and wonder about questions like who am I, what mystery is this infinite cosmos, how can we live without finding out the answers, and all that kind of stuff.

During such contemplative phases I study related topics, or watch youtube videos about them forevvverrr. Or I don't study at all, and spend long hours reflecting on things, doing what I call “thought formation”.

Which to people around me looks like I am just being a lazy ass.

Well . . .

I also go through phases where I have zero patience for any of this stupid wondering shundering stuff, and I just want to get things done. Done fast. Done efficiently. Dirty-ly. Iteratively. Just done.

For about a decade that getting things done phase mostly used to mean writing computer code and building software tools. But now I find similar fulfilment in creating other things as well, which to be honest are all over the place — apps, books, screenplays, boardgames, songs, videos, poems, podcasts, tiktoks, and so on.

= = =