Of all work related expressions, I love the phrase entrepreneurial effort the most.

Because the idea behind an entrepreneurial effort is to take more risk than usual and put in more hard work than usual—if one has true desire to solve, build, or create something.

= = =

This page has a list of entrepreneurial efforts that I felt compelled to work on, and started working on, but then jumped around due to my severe ADHD. Global covid shutdowns of year 2020-2021 gave me a much needed break to step back, reflect, and course correct this behavior.

Going ahead my resolution in life is to build self discipline and reachout to other people for help.

I will do so specifically in the roles of —

  • an artsy entrepreneur 🚀

  • a screenwriter and filmmaker 🎥

  • a polyglot creator or a बहुभाषी रचयिता ❤️

  • and a helpful member of various communities 🙏🏼

= = =

The following list of entrepreneurial efforts is already randomized. And you can randomize it again (any number of times) by clicking here. Doing this forces my ADHD self to remember my various drives, but channel their energies only one effort at a time.

  1. -DASH- -DASH- Oscar Storytelling Experiment

    • (( screenwriting innovation, scientific method, artistic discipline ))
  2. The Legend Of Tesla Nandi

    • (( movie effort, english hindi telugu punjabi, short film, mostly borrowed music, like the hateful eight without violence, like richard linklater before trilogy ))
  3. Can you -DASH- -DASH- in 14 cents?

    • (( movie effort, english, short film, elderly people, tear jerker ))
  4. Ayeki -DASH- Mr. Dronn

    • (( movie effort, english, short film, action, adaptation ))
  5. RODIC // Robbery Drama At Indian Liquor Store Cambridge

    • (( movie effort, english gujrati telugu, dark comedy, street music, ivy league, edgy crime ))
  6. -DASH- As A Rocket Ship

    • (( movie effort, english, family comedy, kids battle, science adventure, home alone like ))
  7. Liberally -DASH- Conservatively -DASH-

    • (( movie effort, english, adventure comedy, political pro anti incorrectness friendship, the hangover like, harold and kumar like ))
  8. China, -DASH-, America

    • (( movie effort, english, a movie made in two single takes of 1 hour each ))
  9. Kali Kaluti -DASH- Ladki

    • (( movie effort, multilingual, political epic, game of thrones like, mahabharata like ))
  10. Buddha Buddhi Ab Kya -DASH-

    • (( movie effort, hindi telugu, family comedy, travel adventure ))
  11. -DASH- -DASH- Wali Shaadi

    • (( movie effort, hindi, family comedy, witty, gen-z wedding drama ))
  12. Ambasaddor Car Ke -DASH- Mein Ek Aadmi -DASH-

    • (( movie effort, hindi bangla, quirky, entrepreneurial, no smoking like ))
  13. First -DASH- Of The Revolution -DASH-

    • (( movie effort, english, dark comedy, love, heart break, revolution ))
  14. -DASH- Cannot Do Matatu -DASH- In Africa

    • (( movie effort, english swahili, documentary ))
  15. Bitcoin -DASH- -DASH- Show

    • (( tv show effort, english, reality show, smart, entrepreneurial, entertaining ))
  16. Baseball -DASH- -DASH- Baseball

    • (( tv show effort, english, reality show, adventurous ))