Incomplete Introduction

Dear Blog,

It is the 2nd day of Harvard India Conference 2020, and I am sitting here inside the beautiful Klarman Hall at HBS, as I begin to write this thought.

By the very act of starting to write it, I am also starting an effort I wish to call Harvard Hindu American Satyagraha.

I cannot yet clearly articulate what this Satyagraha is, and what this Satyagraha is not, so please allow me 3 to 4 years of time before you form your final view about it.

Every painting must start with a rough outline, and it takes time to finish it.

Please consider this post no different.


Given how slow, challenging, and torturous it is for me to write, I do not look forward to expressing myself this way. But I am afraid the elites of Harvard University will laugh at me if this Satyagraha was only ever conducted on YouTube—the only internet platform that I am happy to pay more for.

So to request the scholarly elite to not laugh at me, I must write.

And to have my Hindu American thoughts, angst, evaluations, questions, and proposals earn a fair hearing, I must write.

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Immediate Triggers, But That's Okay

Present day Hindu renaissance was misrepresented by the conference panelists and Harvard scholars and fellows alike. I can only hope that it was out of innocent ignorance and not ill intent.

partition civil war recent slavery kashmir exodus marriage civil law south aisa sikh muslim hindoooo

My question about last prophet lie was not answered, and the follow up about basic human right to choose one's own prophets and gurus, did not even get a chance.

Narendra Modi's earnest leadership, that has been as inspiring, clear thinking, hard working, sexy and demonstrable as Elon Musk's, and against equally unsurmountable odds, if not more—deserves an honest case study at Harvard, the most preemiment university of our planet.

Instead Modi ji was being compared to Mr. Donald Trump, which is as ridiculous as saying Fred Astaire's dance rigor and discipline is the same was Austin Power's, or that Abraham Lincoln's and Martin Luther King's inspirational speeches are the same as Cardi B's lyrics of the wet ass pussy song.

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Veritas & Values

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of the good, bad, and contradictory—was being unfairly and un

was being compared to one that academics should study

was not only not answered, were not answered.

, I wonder if they are merely ignorant, or

All through day-1 and day-2 of the conference scholars misrepresented . the best univsersity in the world because it has TODO. To my mind all parts of Earth are a natural democracy, with small differences of which America, the most innovative and expressive of all modern nations, is the political and cultural capital.

The way present day Hindu renaissance was misrepresented today, the way slavery and oppression of the last prophet lie were both misrepresented today at Harvard

I have a feeling it will take me hundreds of sessions of writing and refining, maybe even thousands—to be able to fully articulate what this Satyagraha is; and what this Satyagraha is not.

Dang! What the hell. They got me talking like happened to my English!! Is there like some anti-ni

Every painting must start with a rough outline . . .

(( todo outline ))

And refined and enriched over and over again

and why I feel compelled to both agree and disagree with the todo progenitor of the method of Satyagrah.

feel compelled to “sabsamman”

invite you to this Satyagrah.

coin a new word compelled to reconcile two very different worldviews

and how this satyagrah is an invitation to all free thinking Muslims of our planet, to learn a very beautiful concept from Hinduism, and then a

Steps of any Satyagrah

The term Satyagraha was first coined by Prophet Mahatma Gandhi. It is my understanding that any Satyagrah is a social-science method, comprising of the following 3 steps –

that encourages people with conflicting view points to talk to each other.

to develop a method of peaceful resistence.

Satyagrah is a social-science method, that was first de tool deviced by Prophet Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. Start a conversation or dialog. Make a request for truth to start a conversation
  2. Share why the conversation is necessary

Incomplete Introduction

This post is my attempt to share and evolve the idea of Harvard India Satyagrah with you. It is only meant for people born in the year 1986 or later; because the initial top level internet domains - .arpa(which was supposed to be temporary), .com, .edu, .gov, and a few others, were first proposed towards the end of 1986, which to my mind makes 1986 the best marker for millenial generation

That proposal was an RFC by

Joyce Reynolds

= = =

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