Imaginary Containers

Given how my mind works, it helps me to make sense of things by writing down thoughts in imaginary containers of उद्देश्य (uddēśya), ध्येय (dhyēya), लक्ष्य (lakṣya), गंतव्य (gantavya), यात्रा (yātrā), etcetera.

— that is purpose, goal, aim, end state, process, journey, and all those kind of things, which I feel belong to a common family, but we do not have a collective word for them, like the way we have the collective word emotions for example.

So allow me to use some imaginary containers—purpose, goal, process, journey, and so on—to describe this 20 year long experiment, titled Hindu American Oscar Storytelling Experiment.

Purpose & Goal

Purpose of this experiment is to develop a new scientific method and artistic discipline of screenwriting—by marrying X rooted in Hindu Dharma with Y rooted in American Exceptionalism.

Goal of this experiment is to help 8 artists and entrepreneurs earn an Oscar nomination each, and do so before the end of year 2041.

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The global pandemic of year 2020-2021 led me to hermit for 16 long months, which became a time of churning—of busy inner dialogue, of confronting many restlessnesses, of a genuinely deep reflection, of chaos and calm . . . and a churning of all things inside and around me.

This unique hermitting opportunity forced me think what I wanted to do next? why? and how?

Finding those answers was proving very difficult.

But it became easy when I sought counsel from friends, family, therapists, and accidental mentors.

So . . .

What do I want to do next?



To channel my dyslexia, ADHD, storytelling compulsion, love for learning new things, and curiosity about the human condition, all into collaborative art and entrepreneurship.


That's where this 20 year long experiment begins . . .

Framework Of This Experiment

(( todo articulate the ‘infinite chaos and balance of emotions’ theory ))

Shiva and Shakti soul by Upendra Ratra

(( create an animated video of the theory's mathematical model ))

(( todo share existing screenwriting methods and frameworks ))

(( todo articulate the hypothesis of hindu american oscar storytelling experiment … describe the various ways it can be tested ))

(( todo begin articulating the new art treatise on screenwriting … one that marries X rooted in Hindu Dharma with Y rooted in American Exceptionalism … share a variety of examples of how it could work ))

United States of America Green Artistic Map

(( todo describe current framework of the experiment … early trials attempted so far … their results and lessons learned ))

(( todo describe similarities, differences, and the dance between scientific method and artistic dicipline ))