Announcement poster of the movie: Robbery Drama at Indian Liquor Store Cambridge

Plot of RODIC

A corrupt journalist, a corrupt stand-up comic, a corrupt Harvard girl, a corrupt MIT boy, a corrupt police officer, a corrupt insurance salesman, two corrupt university professors, a corrupt store owner, a corrupt uber driver, a corrupt homeless couple, other not-so-bad people, and an upright politician. All deviously scheme. And it works out.

Genre of RODIC

  • multi genre dark comedy

  • hindoo-genz musical fusion

  • crypto art crime thriller

  • murderous mathematical 2^2^2 formula

  • ivy league level sexy

  • post-covid block party resurrection

Team & Mission

We are a team of artists and entrepreneurs.

We will make RODIC a compelling 2 hours long theatrical movie.

We will make it a delightful music-rich surprise.

We will get it to play at 1000+ theatre screens across the US and India, before December 2023.

We will make RODIC and all our crafts Oscar worthy.

Single minded focus

Investment & Revenue

RODIC is a single location movie, made entirely in the two blocks area of Central Square, Cambridge.

Smack in the middle of Harvard and MIT.

So the below numbers are based on that knowledge, and are just an early back-of-the-envelope common sense calculation.

Team members who are actual financial geniuses and understand money better, they will refine and own this process of closing the investment to revenue loop.

Rough math is that — to make the RODIC movie, “Robbery Drama At Indian Liquor Store Cambridge”, we will need to incrementally invest an esitmated total of about 5 million US dollars, with a target revenue of 10 million US dollars (or more), against reasonable levels of risk.

Next Steps

  • Waiting to hear back from the boss, mentor, and investor.

  • Proposal is to make The Legend of Tesla Nandi short film together, and then proceed with RODIC.

Team Mantra

Feel free to add more to this list as we go on —

  1. Make your craft Oscar worthy.

  2. Look for the genius in every team member.

  3. Share unfinished things that are still in progress.

  4. Reachout to others for help.

  5. Fight team members if you have to.

  6. Love them even more ❤️


the genius quote from einstein

NOTE: Old Deprecated Post

You may also read this now deprecated RODIC movie post. It will show you how dumb and chaotic I was when the RODIC movie effort had only just begun. And it will show you how it is okay to be so.

Only by taking one step after the other and learning along the way, can we go from being dumb and chaotic, to actual doers of anything.