Announcement poster of the film:Robbery Drama at Indian Liquor Store Cambridge

Team & Mission

We are a team of artists and entrepreneurs.

Our mission is to make a compelling 2 hour long movie, code-named RODIC, and get it to play across 1000+ theatre screens in the US and in India, before December 2022.

Plot of RODIC

A corrupt journalist, a corrupt police officer, two corrupt university professors, a corrupt store owner, a corrupt Harvard girl, a corrupt MIT boy, a corrupt homeless couple, other not-so-bad people and an upright politician. All deviously scheme. And it works out.

Genre of RODIC

RODIC is a multi genre crime comedy thriller. That has a ton of incredibly-awesome American street music!

This movie will be a combination of dark comedy, ivy leauge cunning, street smart art, and a 2 ^ 2 ^ 2 mathematical mechanical thriller framework.

Investment & Revenue

To make the RODIC movie we will need 5 million dollars, and there is a clear path to revenue of 10 million dollars (with acceptable risk).

Next Important Date

16th April 2021.

NOTE: Old Deprecated Post

You may also read this old, earlier, and now deprecated RODIC movie post. It will show you how dumb and chaotic I was when the RODIC effort had only just begun.

And it will show you how it is okay to be so.

Only by taking one step after the other, and learning along the way, do we go from being dumb and chaotic to being enlightened.